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  • 955 Tough Liner
    A protective 2k polyurethane coating that offers high mechanical endurance, scratch, solvent and UV protection
    Slow isocyanate hardener for 2K acrylic paints and 2K clear coats.
    Universal polyester filler with excellent adhesion
  • PU 944
    Seam Sealers
    A Hybrid PU sealant with excellent mechanical endurance and UV resistance.
  • P981 1K Epoxy
    Spray - Primer
    Fast drying 1K Epoxy Primer
  • 807 Polishing Compound
    A high quality fine polishing compound. HB BODY 807 (Seal polish) is the final polish required in the process of polishing.
  • Cleaner & Polish
    Specially designed to clean the surfaces from grease, bugs and to protect from dirt accumulation
  • F215
    Fiber filler
    The F215 is a fiber filler with long strands that is transparent in color.
  • P261 2K PRO
    Two component polyester filling primer ideal for large uneven surfaces with excellent adhesion over all metals, wooden and fiberglass surfaces.
  • P411 4:1:1 PRO
    A high quality acrylic sealing primer ideal for “wet on wet” application over all metals O.E.M. (E-COAT) cataphoresis panels and plastic bumpers and parts.
  • Lens Tint
    A black transparent clear specially designed to create a black (smoked) effect for the tail lights
  • Lens Clear
    A special designed elastic clear that gives a gloss look to the front or tail lens
  • 600 ECO
    Paint Remover
    A transparent ECO Paint Remover suitable for all metal and plastic surfaces.
  • 495 Semi Gloss
    A semi gloss high quality clear with excellent leveling. Ensures excellent resistance to extreme weather conditions.
  • F290 Body
    Ultra light multifiller
    BODY F290 is a two component ultra light polyester filler product providing smooth surface after sanding.
  • Color Solutions
    mix system basecoat
    A one component solvent borne mix system consisting of high quality acrylic resin system and pigments.
  • C495 Express 4:1 Semigloss
    C495 SEMI GLOSS is a high quality clear coat designed to give a perfect finish for partial refinishes.
  • U951 Autoflex Special
    A rubber based Sound deadening / sealing compound.
  • Spray P962 1K Isolator
    1K ready for use quick drying primer
  • P961 1K ETCH Primer
    Fast drying anticorrosive primer for all metal surfaces.
  • C496 Autoclear HS
    A crystal clear, high gloss coat with excellent leveling.
  • 360 Bodyfill
    High quality high filling anticorrosive primer with ideal adhesion over unsanded panels.
  • P961 1K Etch Primer
    One component acid cured, adhesion promoter for all mettal surfaces and anticorrosive primer.
  • 634 4:1 proline
    2K acrylic primer
    HB BODY Proline Series 6 BODY 634 Primer is a high quality 2K acrylic primer suitable for spot panel repairs and general automotive refinishes.
  • Aqua-Body
    Waterborne Basecoat Mix-System
    A one component high quality acrylic resin based waterborne basecoat mix-system.
  • C499 Autoclear SR (2:1)
    (2:1) HS CLEAR COAT
    C499 HS Clear Coat is a crystal clear scratch resistant, high gloss coat from our 2K - Acryl - system.
  • C495 SR Autoclear
    express (4:1) rapid clear coat
    Extremely fast drying, Scratch Resistant clear coat, suitable for high volume body shops.
  • C493 Autoclear 2:1 MAT
    2:1 MAT
    C493 is a high quality clear coat designed to give a perfect mat finish for full and partial refinishes.
  • P334 PRO 4:1 HS
    4:1 HS high build primer
    HB BODY PRO P334 is a high quality acrylic – filling sealing primer for partial and full automotive refinishes.

HB Body is taking part at Automechanika 2016.

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Automechanika 2016

Frankfurt- Germany

HB Body is participating in Sema Show Las Vegas.

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Las Vegas - USA

HB Body will take part at Equip Auto exhibition from 13 to 17 October 2015.

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Equip Auto 2015

Paris - France

HB Body participated in Autopromotec 2015 with stand A18 in Hall 30, which was specialized in equipment and products for body shops.

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Autopromotec Exhibition

Bologna - Italy

Together with our customer - importer in Melbourne HB Body took part at the 'Collision Repair Expo'.

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Collision Repair Expo

Melbourne - Australia