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Since 1982 We Produce High Quality Auto Refinishing Products.
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  • Chassis Coat
    Primer & Paint in One
    Chassis Coat is a rust preventive coat, Primer & Paint in One, with excellent anticorrosion protection
  • F232
    Universal Polyester Filler
    Universal two component polyester filler that spreads smoothly with excellent adhesion on all new galvanized metal surfaces with easy application and premium filling properties
  • Spray 930
    Spray thixotropic coating
    A bituminous / rubber thixotropic coating that provides excellent anticorrosive and stone chip protection.
  • C894 Clear
    Clear Coat
    HB BODY PRO C894 ULTRA HS is an ultrahigh build clear coat with excellent levelling, fast hardening and superior high gloss retaining.
  • 955 Tough Liner
    A protective 2k polyurethane coating that offers high mechanical endurance, scratch, solvent and UV protection
  • H752 Hardener
    Slow isocyanate hardener for 2K acrylic paints and 2K clear coats.
  • F202 Zinc Plus
    Universal polyester filler with excellent adhesion
  • PU 944
    Seam Sealers
    A Hybrid PU sealant with excellent mechanical endurance and UV resistance.
  • P981 1K Epoxy
    Spray - Primer
    Fast drying 1K Epoxy Primer
  • 807 Polishing Compound
    A high quality fine polishing compound. HB BODY 807 (Seal polish) is the final polish required in the process of polishing.
  • Cleaner & Polish
    Specially designed to clean the surfaces from grease, bugs and to protect from dirt accumulation
  • F215 Fiberlight
    Fiber filler
    The F215 is a fiber filler with long strands that is transparent in color.
  • P261 2K Pro
    Two component polyester filling primer ideal for large uneven surfaces with excellent adhesion over all metals, wooden and fiberglass surfaces.
  • P411 4:1:1 PRO
    A high quality acrylic sealing primer ideal for “wet on wet” application over all metals O.E.M. (E-COAT) cataphoresis panels and plastic bumpers and parts.
  • Lens Tint
    A black transparent clear specially designed to create a black (smoked) effect for the tail lights
  • Lens Clear
    A special designed elastic clear that gives a gloss look to the front or tail lens
  • C495 Semi Gloss
    A semi gloss high quality clear with excellent leveling. Ensures excellent resistance to extreme weather conditions.
  • F290 Multifiller
    Ultra light multifiller
    BODY F290 is a two component ultra light polyester filler product providing smooth surface after sanding.
  • Color Solutions
    mix system basecoat
    A one component solvent borne mix system consisting of high quality acrylic resin system and pigments.
  • C495 4:1 Clear Express Semigloss
    C495 4:1 Clear Express Semigloss is a high quality clear coat designed to give a perfect finish for partial refinishes.
  • U951 Autoflex Underbody
    A rubber based Sound deadening / sealing compound.
  • P962 1K Isolator
    1K ready for use quick drying primer
  • P961 1K Etch Primer
    Fast drying anticorrosive primer for all metal surfaces.
  • C496 2K HS Clear
    A crystal clear, high gloss coat with excellent leveling.
  • P360 2K HS Filling Primer
    High quality high filling anticorrosive primer with ideal adhesion over unsanded panels.
  • P961 1K Etch Primer
    One component acid cured, adhesion promoter for all mettal surfaces and anticorrosive primer.
  • 634 4:1 HS Filling Primer
    2K acrylic primer
    HB BODY Proline Series 6 BODY 634 Primer is a high quality 2K acrylic primer suitable for spot panel repairs and general automotive refinishes.
  • Aqua-Body Mix System
    Waterborne Basecoat Mix-System
    A one component high quality acrylic resin based waterborne basecoat mix-system.
  • C499 Autoclear SR (2:1)
    (2:1) HS CLEAR COAT
    C499 HS Clear Coat is a crystal clear scratch resistant, high gloss coat from our 2K - Acryl - system.
  • C495 Clear Express SR 4:1
    express (4:1) rapid clear coat
    Extremely fast drying, Scratch Resistant clear coat, suitable for high volume body shops.
  • C493 Matt Clear HS 2:1
    2:1 MAT
    C493 is a high quality clear coat designed to give a perfect mat finish for full and partial refinishes.
  • P334 PRO 4:1 HS
    4:1 HS high build primer
    HB BODY PRO P334 is a high quality acrylic – filling sealing primer for partial and full automotive refinishes.

HB BODY took part at the two most important tradeshows for 2017.

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Spain - Vietnam

HB Body is taking part at Automechanika 2016.

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Automechanika 2016

Frankfurt- Germany

HB Body is participating in Sema Show Las Vegas.

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Las Vegas - USA

HB Body will take part at Equip Auto exhibition from 13 to 17 October 2015.

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Equip Auto 2015

Paris - France

HB Body participated in Autopromotec 2015 with stand A18 in Hall 30, which was specialized in equipment and products for body shops.

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Bologna - Italy

Together with our customer - importer in Melbourne HB Body took part at the 'Collision Repair Expo'.

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