HB Body S.A.




Wrong spraying gun set up.
Use of wrong spaying gun pressure settings.
Use of non recommended thinners.
Incorrect product spraying viscosity.
Poor spraying technique.
Spraying booth temperature.
Wrong flash off times between coats.


Use material according to technical data sheets.
Improve spraying techniques e.g use spraying gun parallel to the painted object.
Correct spraying gun set up (pressure, distance etc).
Use thinners according to product specification.
Make sure you allow sufficient flash off times.
Follow product application recommendations from manufacturer.

How to fix the problem

In case of clear application:
-Sand area and repaint.
In case of using solventborne basecoat:
When film is dried apply a mist coat before spraying the clear coat.
In case of using waterborne basecoat:
On semi-dried coat apply a mist coat of the according to the technical data sheet.